The Schoolwear Shop aims to provide a reliable, convenient, one-stop supply of schoolwear at the best possible prices for our school community. All school wear items listed on the KICE Dress Code are available from the Schoolwear Shop at very reasonable prices.

The Schoolwear Shop is managed by School Services Officer, Jasmin Florance, with the help of a small group of volunteer parents.  If anyone else would like to support the Schoolwear Shop by helping in some way, please contact Jasmin (See Schoolwear Shop Enquiries below for contact details.) Because the shop is managed by volunteers, prices are able to be kept low.  Any profit over and above running costs will help fund improvements for our students and school.

By supporting the Schoolwear Shop you are helping raise funds for our school.

Week 9, 2017
Monday 8.30am-9.30am
Wednesday 8.30am-9am
Wednesday 12.30-2pm

Week before school goes back
Wednesday 24th January 9am-4pm
Thursday 25th January 9am-4pm

Normal school term hours
Monday 8.30am -9.30am
Thursday 8.30-9am
Thursday 12.30-2pm

Extended hours last week of Christmas Holidays and Week 1 of Term 1.

LOCATION:   At Kingscote Campus, in the Performing Arts Centre.

YOU  CANNOT  COME  WHEN  THE   SHOP  IS OPEN?  We realise that it is not possible for everyone to be able to get to the Schoolwear Shop when it is open so we have developed an ordering system for your convenience.

Kingscote Students Please Note The Schoolwear Shop is open in your lunchtime on Thursdays.  You don’t need to bring money with you – you can select the items you want & we can do them up as an order.  Your order will be available at the Bookroom at the Front Office, from the next morning, anytime the Bookroom is open.  You can pay at the Bookroom when you collect your order or you can pay online at home & take your receipt with you when you collect the order.  You must take a printed copy of your receipt for proof of payment when you pick up your order.  See “Online Payment” below.


The Schoolwear Shop Price List & Order Form can be viewed and printed from the link at the top of this webpage.
Printed copies are also available from the Front Office of each Campus.
Complete Order Form.  Please contact Jasmin (see Enquiries below) if you need any help with this.
Note – If you are not sure which size or style to order, please feel free to order more than one size or style. Your order will need to be paid in full when you collect it but products can be returned for exchange or refund. (See “Returns/Exchanges” below.)  See also, notes below for “Penneshaw Campus Customers” & “Parndana Campus Customers”.
Completed Order Forms can be:  (Do only one of these options or else your order will be doubled up! )
1. Left at the Front Office of any one of the KICE Campuses or
            2. Faxed to 8553 2075 (Kingscote Campus) or
            3. Emailed to Jasmin .
Schoolwear Shop Staff will process these orders each Thursday afternoon during school terms.  Completed orders will be delivered to the Front Office of the Campus you have indicated on your order form, for you (or your child) to collect during school hours.  All orders must be paid in full when you collect them.  Payment can be made at the Front Office (Cash, EFT or Cheque) when you collect your order.  You may also pay online at home via Direct Debit & take the receipt with you to collect your order.


We can refund (in cash) or exchange products if presented with the original receipt within 30 days of purchase.
Please return all unwanted products with your original receipt, ASAP, in NEW condition (clean, undamaged & unworn, with tags still attached).  Products which are NOT in new condition cannot be returned.
Products can be returned or exchanged at the shop when it is open or left at the Front Office of any of the Campuses – please place your returns in a bag addressed to the Schoolwear Shop and remember to attach your receipt with a note explaining whether you would like a refund or are exchanging for another size or product. Please make sure your contact phone number is on your receipt so we can phone you if we need to.

Schoolwear Shop | KICE

A basic supply of products from the Schoolwear Shop is kept at the Penneshaw Campus, for your convenience.  These can be purchased at your Front Office.  All other products will need to be ordered from the Schoolwear Shop.

Orders can be left at your Front Office. The sick room (with a mirror) has been made available for students to try on products for size & style. Parents can take their child with them when they go to collect their order so that products can be tried on for size before taking them home.  Any unwanted products can be immediately returned there, at the Parndana Front Office.  That way, you will only need to pay for the products you are keeping.
(All products must be paid for before they can be taken home.  They may, of course, be returned at a later date for an exchange or refund.  See Returns/Exchanges above.)

Kingscote Campus     Ph: 8553 2074  Email:

This policy is found at the link at the top of this page.

PLEASE NOTE – The KICE Dress Code Policy says:
All Pants & Shorts are to be PLAIN BLACK with no logos or stripes and NOT DENIM.
All Shorts are to be NO SHORTER THAN MID THIGH.
Girls Skirts & Dresses are to be NO SHORTER THAN JUST ABOVE THE KNEE.

Schoolwear Shop | KICE

We have customers looking for used schoolwear.
Do you have any school clothing that you no longer wantjQuery112403646022339997901_1511390187293?  Why not donate it to the Schoolwear Shop???
Used schoolwear is sold for very low prices at the Schoolwear Shop, helping make school uniform affordable for everyone.  Sale of Recycled Schoolwear also helps raise funds for our school.  All funds raised from the sale of schoolwear are used to help cover operating costs of the shop and fund improvements for our school.
Please wash all clothing before donating it.  Donated clothing can be left at the Schoolwear Shop when it is open or at the Front Office of your campus anytime, in a bag labelled “Donation for the Schoolwear Shop”. (You may send it in with your child.)

Lost clothing found at school is returned to students if their name is on it.
Laundry Markers are available from the Schoolwear Shop for $3 or Iron-on Labels for $1.

We welcome feedback on any products you have purchased from the Schoolwear Shop. 
It helps us know which ones are best.